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“For me, it’s the idea of helping people lift their spirit through connection with the earth, and the beauty that it has to offer

    ~ Spirit Space Landscape Design owner and

        landscape design visionary Bill Williams.

When you work with Spirit Space Landscape Design, you get a landscape architect, garden designer and landscape contractor — all in one. Bill Williams works collaboratively with clients to draw out their tastes. He brings a full palette knowledge of plants and landscape design elements to projects, and he personally oversees and directs the installation of the work. The end result is world-class design that is always unique, personal, and reflects the personality, passions and imagination of the client.


Bill’s business is 100% by referral.  This website is intended to be a gallery for his work. We invite you to explore Bill’s artistry, and to be inspired to dream of your own private garden escape.

“A garden can undergird your spirit. If you are feeling stressed, you can go out into the garden for five minutes, breathe in deeply, and be empowered to go on your way and do what you have to do.

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